Engineering design

It’s the equipment
that must work for you,
not you for the equipment

It’s often the case that the companies in their work adjust to the original technical characteristics of the installed equipment. Maximum allowable capacity, profile and frequency of the load significantly limit production capabilities.

The rules are determined by technical fitting, not by production wishes.

Would you like your equipment to work for you and not vice versa? Then ask our specialists for help.

It often happens that the equipment owners make mistakes at certain stages of the project implementation:

  • Booster compressor stations, a screw unit and stations are installed with faults
  • Changed operating mode of the equipment which significantly differs from the original parameters.

All this causes a breakdown, failures, difficulties and limitations in operations.

We always find a compromise between your requests and the capabilities of machines. We develop solutions for the equipment modification (upgrade) in accordance with the current requests. We offer different options for compressor replacement and aftersale service of your equipment. In the process of a project development, we describe a clear stage-be-stage investment plan consisting of operational and general tasks.

Of course, we consider each production individually. We take your wishes, financial capabilities and development prospects as a basis.


Task setting
  • Auditing, inspection
  • Extended report with recommendations (repairs, compressor replacement, required spare parts, consumables)
  • Technical specifications.
  • Drawing up material balances for equipment units (compressor station, gas treatment)
  • Development of process flow charts
  • Budget for the proposed engineering solution
Selection of the main equipment
  • Main process equipment calculation
  • Thermohydraulic calculations for heat transfer equipment
  • Pneumohyrdaulic and thermal calculation for piping
  • Development of a principal diagram that includes P&ID elements
  • Specification for main and auxiliary equipment.
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