Spare parts

Without a spare part
everything will fall apart

Compressor is an indispensable part for a full-fledged operation of any facility. Spare parts and consumables often undergo even heavier load than it was planned before, and as a result, they break down quickly and should be replaced. Finding the required components in a short time is not an easy task. But you can quickly solve this problem if you have at hand the right address or phone number of a reliable supplier, that can provide you with a range of original spare parts.

TechnoService Company offers a wide range of spare parts and components manufactured by all major companies producing industrial compressor equipment:

  • Spare parts for GRASSO compressor units
  • Spare parts for Howden compressors
  • Spare parts for Aerzen compressors
  • Spare parts for Mycom compressors
  • Spare parts for GEA compressors

We offer:

  • Personal approach to each client and each order
  • Delivery to the client’s warehouse
  • Express delivery of spare parts
  • Our own stock of critical spare parts

We keep a wide range of spare parts for screw compressor units at our Moscow warehouse, perform repair and aftersale service of compressor equipment. We can also make a specific list of spare parts exclusively for your needs.

By contacting us in a timely manner will help you to promptly discover the failure cause and replace the broken parts. This is much cheaper than buying a new compressor.

We will process your request as soon as possible, choose the right spare parts for the compressor, carry out replacement works and help you avoid production downtime.

For more information, please, see our official website. Call us or leave a message and we will call you back. We will contact you shortly to solve your problems.
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