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Does the equipment keep breaking again and again? Need a capital repair of a screw unit or a compressor replacement? Are you looking for someone who will quickly and efficiently repair gas compressors, offer high-quality spare parts wholesale and retail?

You call the professionals who seem to solve the problem, but the effect doesn’t last long. After a few days or weeks, you have to get back to this problem and spend money to eliminate the breakdown. Why does it happen? Maybe it’s time to look for new specialists?

This is not the point. Your enterprise is an immense, huge, living and continuously functioning organism. Let’s imagine that you noticed a system failure at one place. For example, a booster compressor station is not working. You make corrections. But the failure happens again. It can be a consequence of another fault, which you don’t notice.

The functioning of a compressor unit is directly related to a number of technical systems. If there is a failure in one place - screw unit or screw pair, then it is necessary to conduct an inspection and auditing of all the equipment of the compressor station.

Years of experience allowed us to develop a system of analysis and data collection without stopping production. In other words, your specialists continue their work, the production proceeds in its usual pace, and at the same time we conduct instrumental data collection.

If there is no professional measuring equipment at your plant, we will bring ours. This issue should be discussed in advance, so that we don’t face any obstacles during our work.

Expert assessment
  • Use of measuring equipment that is entered in the measuring equipment register
  • Technical support of plants specializing in main equipment manufacturing
  • Cooperation with partners that have expertise in the related fields: power supply, vibration-based diagnostics, gas analysis, certified laboratories and other.
Complex calculations
  • Measurement reports, engineering calculation
  • Data correction. While accepting the work you can analyze the data and request for the additional information. We supplement the document according to your individual wishes
  • Explanations. During the presentation of the executed request we provide explanations. Everything is explained verbally in plain language, so that any person could perceive the information about the general state of the production area and understand how the operation of compressor equipment is performed.
Engineering design
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Coordinating with the client individual needs, nuances, and peculiarities of the equipment functioning.

Audit and inspection provide general information about the degree of wear of the equipment, and where there is a need of repair of a compressor station and parts replacement. It is also important to understand the estimated period when the equipment may breakdown, the reason for that, what measures can be taken to avoid it, and how much it will cost.

You should admit that this information will allow you to avoid repeated repairs. You’ll be able to understand the real cause of the failure, eliminate it, and also find out what to expect from your equipment in the future.

Are you interested? Leave a request for audit and inspection. In just several days you will get to know all the hidden pitfalls of your production.
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