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The TechnoService company offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable works and services in the field of project design, project implementation, audits, inspections, etc.

Service ›
  • Supply and sale of the spare parts and consumables for any compressor
  • Aftersale routine service
  • Capital repair and aftersale service of screw and gas compressors
  • Emergency visits
  • Customer support 24/ 7
  • Complex operation of industrial sites
Spare parts ›
  • Personal approach to each client and order
  • Delivery to the client’s warehouse
  • Express delivery of spare parts
  • Own warehouse of spare parts of critical importance
Audits and inspections ›
  • Expert assessment of reliability of BCS (booster compressor station) operation
  • Expert assessment of energy efficiency of industrial systems
  • Development of technical solutions
  • Development of justifications and programs for update and optimization of operating budgets
Design (development) ›
  • of complex (integrated) upgrade programs
  • Development of technical and economic assessment and integrated programs aimed at reducing power consumption and enhancing systems reliability by using industrial compressor equipment.
Project implementation ›
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Upgrade of the BCS (booster compressor station)
  • Start-up and commissioning works
  • Designer’s supervision
  • Development of working documentation
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